Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) as Strategy: Moving from Lists - Notes

Submitted by Sarah Pullman on Wed, 2007-10-03 16:50

Led by Jon Stahl and Tate Hausman

Notes by Cristen Perks

Effective uses of CRM (What people would like out of the ideal CRM):
- CRM as operating system built by direct input from users/constituents.
- CRM as collaborative workspace
- "Trigger" events that initiate proactive human action
- Event driven messaging - sequences initiated based on individual action (e.g. Dell)
--- Predefined sequences of engagement asks
- Cross platform marketing among organizations (danger: privacy issues)
--- Failed example:  America Votes 2004 coordinated canvassing (political world is ahead here and is working from a public list)
--- Creates a lot of demand for content
- More aggregation of public data from/about constituents
- Groups coming together to support each others ends/campaigns (coordination)
--- Who gets to control who gets to talk?
--- Even intra-organizational turf issues must be addressed

Example of collaboration: Washington State Priorities for a Healthy Washington
 - Must start with objectives

"curriculum based approach"
--providing information on demand
--predict what's going to happen in the future (based on CRM data)

--expressed interest
--behavior  -> most predictive!

What to track:
--keep track of skills!!
--who people know (relationships)

Tension between silo'd data
--Only collect what you can act on

Transactions vs relationship

How do we figure out what people want and give it to them?
--being of service to our constituents

Online volunteering ("crowd sourcing")
-- e.g.  distributed phone banking

1.  Privacy and friends (self-organized session)
2.  Collaborative lists in WA and beyond (dinner tonight)
3.  Network-centric organizing - facilitating other relationships


"If you have a chance to go, I strongly recommend it. Beyond the amazing setting (Hollyhock is right out of a fairytale), you will meet and interact with committed, knowledgeable people who live and breathe technology and online strategy. (I also learned almost as much about myself at this conference as I did about web-based campaigns.) "
Kevin Reid