Diversity Scholarship Fund

Submitted by Natalie Fitz-Earle on Mon, 2006-07-31 12:35.

Last fall, a bunch of motivated Web of Change participants conceived an idea to create and donate to a scholarship fund for this year’s Web of Change, a fund that would provide travel/tuition scholarships to those who could bring unique geographic, ethnic or cultural perspectives to WOC 2006. Springing from their profound gratitude for the experience and a desire to give something back, the Diversity Scholarship Fund, administered through the Hollyhock Leadership Institute, now holds $1500 CND!

The WOC organizing team will use these funds specifically to award scholarships. By alleviating some economic barriers associated with tuition and travel costs for global leaders and innovators that may not otherwise have been able to attend, the hope is to encourage and expand the range of viewpoints and insight contributing to the great level of discourse that makes Web of Change so special.

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"If you have a chance to go, I strongly recommend it. Beyond the amazing setting (Hollyhock is right out of a fairytale), you will meet and interact with committed, knowledgeable people who live and breathe technology and online strategy. (I also learned almost as much about myself at this conference as I did about web-based campaigns.) "
Kevin Reid, formerly of Amnesty International USA