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Six Questions with our Anchor Team: Nicholas Klassen

In the coming weeks, we'll be sharing our Web of Change Six Questions series, which is designed to give you quick insight into the minds of our Anchor team. Today, we talk with Nicholas Klassen, co-founder of Biro Creative, a pioneering online creative firm that advises movement-leading organizations from around the world working for sustainability and social change.

Tell us three things about you that aren’t widely known.

  • I brew my own beer
  • I once crossed back into Canada using a Toronto Maple Leafs hat and a hockey card in my wallet as proof of citizenship... no joke. (But that was pre-9-11. Don't try that now!)
  • My favourite part of Web of Change is the oysters

Will you share your take on technology and social change? What specific trends are you paying attention to?

Paradigm Next and the Intersection

Gibran Rivera is Senior Associate of the Interaction Institute for Social Change where he focuses on the development of decentralized organizations and the application of network theory and emergence to the work of social change. He is a Web of Change 10:10 anchor and host. In this reflection, he expands on themes he will discuss during the gathering.

I like the way Clay Shirky is helping to frame the current paradigm shift comparing the advent of social technologies to the introduction of the printing press. The power to print was so disruptive that 200 years of chaos ensued as structures of power were forced to struggle to completely reinvent themselves. Imagine what we can do with the power to connect.

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