Ramping up for '07!

Submitted by Sarah Pullman on Thu, 2007-03-08 12:11.

Web of Change 2007 is starting to come alive. We're re-energizing our vision for this year and we're excited. Stay tuned, because within the next few weeks we'll be updating this website with all the information you need.

For now, save the date: September 19 - 23, 2007. And make sure you sign up for our newsletter, too (see the left-hand sidebar).

If you need basic info, you can also peek at the Hollyhock website. See you in September..

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"This conference is small enough to really learn from the other attendees, and is very focussed on online social change, and what it takes to make it happen. It's very well facilitated and structured, with constant learning opportunities โ€“ and that's why I've returned year after year."
โ€” Eric Squair, Manager of Web Communications, Greenpeace Canada