Web of Change 10:10

Q&A with WOC 10:10 Chair, Michael Silberman

Question - How does this new distributed leadership model differ from Web of Change’s past?

This year we're trying to mirror some of the open collaboration models we're seeing in effective movement building efforts online. Web of Change has always relied on heavy community participation and volunteer leadership to make it what it is, but the heaviest lifts have typically been managed by a small, centralized team. This year we've divided the core event production responsibilities among a larger team of "anchors" who are accountable to the rest of the anchor team -- and with this post the entire WOC community! -- for their respective responsibilities. We're working as a team to support one another and remove obstacles. And if we do this right, this team model will make WOC 10:10 the most successful WOC to date.

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