Web of Change has been greatly assisted this year by a solid crew of Advisors and well as our our Board Team.  Here are the 2013 Advisors:


Sam Dorman - Facilitator

Sam Dorman has been part of the Web of Change community for years -- initially as a participant, then later as agenda organizer, and for several years now as the lead host and facilitator. In his work, Sam helps nonprofits deliver technology that has real impact for organizations, and actually works for the human beings in them. After years of experience working in nonprofits at both a staff and executive level, Sam's work combines both the technological and organizational sides needed to deliver a high-quality, high-impact digital product on time, on budget, and on point.

Steve Andersen

Steve believes that the best way he can change the world for the better is to power people who are on a mission of change. He does this in his work leading the technology team at the Foundation--15,000 nonprofit and higher ed customers are using to add data-driven rigor to their good work. He loves Web of Change as it is the densest gathering of people on a mission he's ever attended. It's a fabulous place to fan the flames of power in others.

Sung E Bai

Sung E has been organizing in the social justice movement for over 25 years. Starting as a student activist in the South Africa anti-apartheid movement, she went on to spend over 11 years as the executive director of a working-class Asian immigrant community organizing group in NYC. Along with being a certified advocate for sexual assault and domestic violence survivors, she has also taught Asian American Women's Studies and Ethnic Studies college courses, sat on several national board of directors of social justice organizations, and was the founder of numerous local and national alliances. Over the past several years she has become active in the food movement, working in a national organization for a few years and currently consulting/coaching, volunteering in local initiatives, and serving on the Board of Directors of Southeastern Green Network and as a Sister on the Planet Ambassador for Oxfam USA.

Jake Brewer

Jake turns big, new ideas into campaigns and projects that solve big, hairy social problems. 

Recently, Jake joined the leadership team of to help change the relationship between decision-makers (e.g. members of Congress, mayors, business leaders, etc) and the people who start and sign petitions to them. 

Jake also serves as a Partner at Fission Strategy, where his work has included reframing the narrative of the immigration debate as a co-founder of Define American with Jose Antonio Vargas. Previously, Jake was the Engagement Director of the Sunlight Foundation and he was the digital and strategic communications director for the Energy Action Coalition.

Matt Browner-Hamlin

Matt Browner Hamlin is an activist, organizer, and writer residing in Washington DC. He is the Managing Director for Digital Strategy of Ethical Electric. He has worked as a Senior Economic Strategist at Citizen Engagement Lab and is the founder of He was the Deputy New Media Director of SEIU, the Deputy Internet Director on Chris Dodd's presidential campaign, and the Internet Director on Mark Begich's US Senate campaign in Alaska. Matt blogs about politics at Hold Fast, cocktails, bars, and spirits at A Jigger of Blog, and travel and technology at Blogger Hamlin. He also is a contributor at AMERICAblog.

Joe Dinkin

Joe is the National Communications Director for the Working Families Party, a grassroots progressive political organization that fights to advance economic and social justice. WFP is a rarity in American politics: a minor party that actually matters. In his role, Joe designs and executes strategic communications plans, using traditional and new media, on a wide variety of legislative advocacy and electoral campaigns. Recent victories include paid sick days in New York City and student debt in Oregon. Joe got his first taste of politics "hiking for Mike" Dukakis in a snowy 1988 New Hampshire Presidential Primary; he was four. He didn't like it, but times change.

Shayna Englin

Shayna launched Englin Consulting, LLC with over a decade of experience identifying and mobilizing supporters for non-profits, causes, and political candidates. From her roots in Colorado as an organizer for Colorado NARAL, to her role as Fundraising Practice Manager at Mindshare Interactive Campaigns (now Verilion), to her leadership as Program and Political Director at the Women’s Campaign Forum, Shayna has been on the cutting edge in producing innovative and effective plans, programs, and materials that yield results: dollars raised, votes won, and policy changed. Shayna earned a Master in Public Policy degree from Harvard’s John F. Kennedy School of Government.

Ted Fickes

Ted is the founder of Bright+3, a consultancy focused on helping progressive nonprofit organizations, campaigns, and startups integrate communications, data and networks. Bright+3 partners with clients that want to actively engage citizens to build power (not just lists). Current and recent clients have included Greenpeace International's Digital Mobilisation Lab, Sierra Club, Clean Slate Now and the Colorado Criminal Justice Reform Coalition. Ted began working at the intersection of online campaigns and advocacy in the 1990s, building some of the first circuit rider programs and email advocacy campaigns in the US. He has lived and worked all over the US and is now based in Denver. 

Pam Kapoor

Pam is a writer, editor, and messagist specializing in public engagement, advocacy, and communications. She helps clients harness the power of the internet & social media to convey messages more effectively, more broadly. Pam honed her expertise with local groups, historic international campaigns, and countless projects in between. She created messaging strategies, communications products, and web copy for organizations like the Broadbent Institute, Canadian Centre for International Justice, and Canadian Network of Women’s Shelters & Transition Houses; and has written engagement tools for Studio 44, Universal Music Canada, the Canadian Labour Congress, and YWCA Canada.

Nicole Lampe

Nicole is Digital Strategy Director at Resource Media, a nonprofit communications shop that helps environmental and public health groups pass laws that are good for us and good for the planet. Nicole came to social media reluctantly (as the youngest communications staffer at the Trust for Public Land many moons ago, she was appointed to manage the organization's Facebook presence), but is now a believer. The environmental reporters she pitched ten years ago have mostly lost their jobs, and it's up to citizen and nonprofit communicators to step into the breach and tell conservation stories. Nicole and her team help advocacy groups build campaigns that tap into shared values and move people to action, both online and in the field.

Jose Lopez

Jose Lopez has never met a website he could not build. His fascination with computers started the day he brought home his Commodore 64 from Toys R Us and taught himself BASIC. Since then, he has become an expert in PHP and MySQL, having wrangled with code on over 200 websites.

Jose was born and raised in Compton. During Elementary School, he encountered his first activist experience during the teacher’s union battles, and has remained active on progressive fronts throughout college, peaking during the massive ‘90s Bay Area organizing while studying Media at UC Berkeley. He worked in Los Angeles doing web application engineering for Hollywood Media companies, organizations and large charities (,,, The Red Cross) as well as innovative advertising and donations systems. Jose joined his organizing buddies from UC Berkeley to help found TUMIS. His work at TUMIS focuses on bringing the latest web technologies (ie., social networks, video, images) to a level that works for a client’s budget.

Alia McKee

Alia is principal of Sea Change Strategies, a strategic research and fundraising agency that specializes in high-touch engagement. With more than a decade of "in the trenches" experience, Alia is adept at crafting brand-perfect integrated marketing and fundraising campaigns for clients including Amnesty International USA, the Monterey Bay Aquarium, the National Audubon Society, the Wikimedia Foundation, International Rescue Committee among others.

Alia is co-founder of Lifeboat, a revolutionary rethink of friends and friendship. She earned her masters in Public Affairs from the LBJ School at the University of Texas at Austin and her masters in Social Work at UT Austin as well.

Karen Uffelman

Karen Uffelman is a Principal at Percolator Consulting where she works with social change organizations to engage their audiences through smart use of new technology and old-fashioned organizing. Every organization has a superpower; Percolator's is engagement! Most recently Karen directed the client strategy team at Groundwire, and in other past lives she's served as the Development Director for Corporate Accountability International, Associate Director of Washington Environmental Alliance for Voter Education (WEAVE), Managing Director of Washington Conservation Voters and Managing Producer at New City Theater. Karen was the agenda anchor for Web of Change 2012, and is continually inspired and amazed by the Web of Change community.

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