2010 Agenda Highlights

In 2010 we broke the "conference session" mold with interactive "meetings of the minds" that leveraged the strategic thinking and creativity of WOC participants.

Here are some highlights:

Introducing new ways to be in practice with each other and grounding ourselves in the advanced work we seek to do throughout the day.

Laying the foundational premise, context and introducing themes that we build on throughout the conference.

Gibrán Rivera, Interaction Institute for Social Change
Idelisse Malavé, Organizational Consultant & Coach

Taking an honest look at our challenges and tackling this question of change... How is our work adding up?

Adrienne Maree Brown, American Revolutionary
Michael Silberman, EchoDitto
Shayna Englin, Englin Consulting

Understanding and unlocking the power of story to transform narratives and connect deeply.

Favianna Rodriguez, Co-Founder Presente.org, Organizer, Artist
Mark Rovner, Sea Change Strategies

The opportunity to ponder, discuss and explore your own questions and insights. A safe space to not know -- where you can ask the questions that matter most.

Breakout sessions where we practice re-imagining social change and how we go about making it.

  • Community Organizing: Raising the bar
    Arif Mamdani, Progressive Technology Project
    Maria Rodriguez, Florida Immigrant Coalition
    Gibrán Rivera, Interaction Institute for Social Change
  • Social Tech Innovation
    Angela Park, Diversity Matters
    Apollo Gonzales, National Resource Defense Council
    Jocelyn Harmon, Care2
    Steve Andersen, Salesforce Foundation
  • Imagining the Future
    Cheryl Contee, Fission Strategy
    Alissa Hauser & Marianne Manilov, Engage Network
    Tim Walker, Biro Creative

Pecha Kucha -- the Japanese terms for "chit chat" -- is a global phenomenon where people gather in a festive environment to watch each other deliver short presentations.  20 slides run nonstop for 20 seconds each, advancing automatically as the presenter talks alongside.

Web of Change works best as a participatory experience. Open Sessions are a chance for participants to dive deeper into their own proposed topics that aren't on the agenda, or that bubble up during the conference from the primordial ooze of WOC inspiration.  Signup opportunities will be announced and coordinated onsite.

Often unfortunately misnamed Birds of a Feather, this is a chance to touch base and ground yourself with participants with whom you share commonalities.  Relax, check in, re-center with your crew

The Web of Change Community Experience

Pecha Kucha, Open Sessions and Wolf Packs
Web of Change is a participatory experience. Participate in the Pecha Kucha session to quickly demonstrate a project/idea and get feedback from the community. Learn about some of the favorite emerging tools/concepts from your cohort during Wolf Packs. Or put the bright minds of the Web Of Change community to work in an Open Session. 

Leadership, Community and Dialogue
Those who have been to Web of Change before know that some of the most powerful moments can come when the entire WOC community joins together for community dialogue, connection and relationship. Fun and interesting, deep and thought-provoking, these memorable sessions help take full advantage of the transformative atmosphere of the Web Of Change experience, with a focus on bringing forth the inner side of leadership among those of us who seek social transformation.

Fun and relaxation
The relaxing and breathtaking setting of the Hollyhock Retreat Centre, along with a welcoming environment and legendary social gatherings, tend to send Web of Changers home not only with inspiration for work, but also renewed energy and valuable friendships.

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