Call for Sessions

We are currently taking session suggestions for the Sept 23-27, 2009 agenda. If you have a topic or idea you wish to present to the WOC community, please follow the process below we'd love to hear from  you.

Proposing a Web of Change Session

Thank you for considering proposing a session for delivery at Web of Change. Your volunteer contribution is greatly appreciated and is critical to the on-going success of the event and the community. We've outlined below the structure of the sessions and expectations of session presenters.

Session Tone

Web of Change attracts thought leaders as participants and session leads. This gathering provides an opportunity to mix non-profit social change organizational actors (campaigners, organizers, technologists, executive directors etc.) with social tech integrators (strategists, media creators, vendors, developers, etc.) from across a wide variety of sectors and communities.

We aim to deliver session content that hits on important and timely topics of broad relevance that inspire discussions that ripple out beyond the session itself. Session content should be thought provoking, pertinent to the Web of Change audiences and encourage people to think critically about how this topic relates to their work in the world.

We encourage you to partner on your session development and welcome multiple session leads.

Session Length

1 hour, 15 minutes

Session Format

We encourage and support dynamic, well-facilitated, engaging sessions. We discourage the use of PowerPoint. You are welcome to deliver the session content in your preferred style however we ask presenters to ensure that they incorporate the following elements into your session design.

  • Framing statement: State your case: why this topic is timely and of importance to Web of Change Audiences.
  • Facilitated discussion: (min. 15 minutes) Providing participants with an opportunity to ask questions and engage with/discuss the content of the session.
  • Capture resulting critical questions: (min. 5 minutes) We ask all session leads to end each session by asking participants to identify and follow-up topics or questions this session has provoked.
    • Are there further topics you would like to explore?
    • What questions are you left with?
  • We will capture this information and use it to seed the development of open sessions and peer to peer sharing workshops.

Please note that internet access is not available in all the session houses. Let us know if it’s needed.

Please complete the following information about your session and send the completed table to Sam Dorman at [email protected] by July 22nd.

Thanks again for proposing a session for this year’s event.

Presenter Names  
Contact information  
Session Name  
Target Audience  
Framing Statement
(why this topic is timely and of importance to your target audience)
Session Description
(include reference to the target audience, framing statement, session content, and the discussion you intend to inspire)
Discussion Questions
(Questions that will frame your facilitated discussion)
Session Format
(Describe the format, flow and activities)
Supplies you will require  
Do you require internet access?  
Rate your participatory facilitation experience from 1 to 5, ranging from little experience to very experienced.  
Other comments  

You can also download this information as a PDF or Word Doc.


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