Emerging Themes for 2009

Web of Change has always aimed to strike a balance between the best of the "traditional", well managed, expert designed conference with the newer, high energy, more participative "camp" style events.

So while we leave time in our agenda for emergent topics the community wishes to discuss, we also invest substantial resources in formal agenda and process design to ensure the key themes and hot topics most relevant to our community are discussed, and we have the right subject matter leaders who can share, lead, and impact real change on the land with us.

What makes our agenda process unique is its community driven nature: this year our 8 diverse co-conveners were asked to identify the hottest topics in our space today, and identify recognized and emerging leaders who are making things happen in those areas.

Our draft agenda will be published in late July. The emerging themes we are tracking for the Sept 23-27, 2009 agenda include:

  • open systems: how open models are changing everything
  • the art + science of innovation: merging strategy and tools
  • culture, systems, and people: the underpinnings of change
  • system shift: using a transformative moment to change the game

Would you like to participate in the design of this year's agenda? We'd love to hear from you. Please send us your thoughts, suggest a session you would like to offer or see offered, or suggest people we should outreach. Better yet, come to Web of Change and help shape the experience as it happens! 


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