Connection. Connecting with audiences, funders, decision-makers, the media, members, and customers. Everyone talks about it, everyone is looking for it, yet few have actually delivered lasting examples. In today's media saturated, post-tech boom landscape, the potential to build meaning and connection back into the core of the web has never been greater.

What is the real, deeper, non-commercial future of the web, and how can we shape it to foster deeper connections to what really matters? How can we use the web to bring people closer together, heal our planet, and ultimately create a more positive future? And more personally, how can we maximize our own service towards this mission, while maintaining a sense of balance with and connection to the people around us, to nature, and the "off-line world"?

Welcome to Media that Matters. Supported by the beautiful and restorative surroundings of Hollyhock, we'll explore these and other important questions relevant to our work. Through plenary presentations, facilitated discussions, personal reflection, and an abundance of "in-between time", participants will create a community of shared intent and learn new ways to shape the future of the web.

Connect with your peers, your planet, and your self, at Hollyhock this September.