Impacts & People

In case you're new to Web of Change, or forget how we roll, we've put together a quick video to give you a taste of what to expect, and the breathtaking setting where it all goes down.

Sending leaders to Web of Change could be the most important investment your organization makes all year.

But don’t take our word for it! Our world-changing participants make the journey to Hollyhock because it opens their mind, inspires their heart, and changes their world:

Robin Beck
Rainforest Action Network
“Web of Change pushed me to be far more innovative, creative and bold in my work developing online advocacy campaigns. The space and environment  sparked so many important and new ideas in me. I can't think of a better environment for fostering innovation.”

Kira Marchenese,
Environmental Defense Fund
“I arrived at Web of Change feeling completely tapped out and seriously considering whether I should find a new career. My time there helped me rediscover my enthusiasm for my work, and I'm not sure what else could have had the same result.”

Adrienne Maree Brown
Ruckus Society
“Hollyhock is a magical place - and Web of Change is a magical gathering. For me it felt like peeking behind the curtain at all the people creating the social networks of justice-minded future.”

Justin Perkins
“WOC is the best non profit conference I’ve been to”.

Kate Dugas
“Web of change means so much to me. I have had so many personal and professional openings there that have led to profound growth and connectedness to my work and the world we live in. I can honestly say I am a better person for being part of this community.”

Joel Solomon
Renewal Partners
“Web of Change was a phenomenal opportunity for me to enter the world of social media. I was able to make relationships with leading players in the field, access openhanded teachers, and gain invaluable insight about how the internet can apply to my work in business and finance for social change.  Web of Change infused me with new hope and optimism, as well as practical tools, that an emerging generation of leaders could make radical positive shifts in society. I have met some of my favorite people in the world.”

Shannon Raybold
UN Foundation
“It was one of the most productive conferences I've ever been to.”

Jon Warnow
"I went to Web of Change in 2007 with no real expectations--and I was completely blown away.  Within hours, I was seeing the potential of the social web to change the world in completely new ways.  Not only did it open up my eyes to an amazing new set of tools and tactics, it immersed me in a vibrant community of people who are truly blazing global trails.  There's nothing quite like this gathering--it's thrilling convergence of dreamers and doers working at the bleeding edges of their fields, and all of them are doing their damnedest to catalyze the kind of change our world so desperately needs."

Web of Change helps the people who help the world. As the primary gathering for values-driven digital strategists, software providers, campaigners, and social entrepreneurs, the connections and insights at WOC aren’t to be found anywhere else. 


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